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I am a proofreader, editor, writer and reader who specializes in working with authors of commercial fiction.

​I began my training in typesetting, proofreading and editing at Gulf Publishing Company in 1985. I continued to train and hone my skills, applying them in various business industries to train administrative staff in the fine points of quality control and compliance.

Having rediscovered my love for editing and proofreading, I now devote my time and attention to authors who want to make their books and writing the best they can be.

I am a member of the Society for Editorial Professionals (SfEP), the Editorial Freelancers Association (EfA), the Professional Editors Network (PEN), the Speculative Literature Foundation and the Non-Fiction Authors Association.

Editing Me
Our Mission

My Mission

To provide high-quality proofreading and editing services and advice to help authors publish polished and readable stories.

My commitment to your success includes editorial support until your story is ready for publication.

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