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Author Goodies

Help yourself to anything you find useful. These are meant to make your writing easier.

I am currently working on a Self-Edit series filled with handouts to not only improve your writing but remind you of those last self-edit checks before releasing your baby to your test readers and editor. These checks will ensure you are releasing readable content and will save your editor time, thereby saving you money!

Check out the Epic Lab of Oddities to help you build your characters!

What Level of Editing Do I Need?

Editing levels

Beta Reader Checklist

Editing Beta Reader

Self-Edit Checklist: Homonyms

Self Editing checklist

Self-Edit Checklist: Redundant Expressions

orange in crowd.jpg

Self-Edit Checklist: Vague, Weak and Unnecessary Phrases


Self-Edit Checklist: Clichés and Idioms


FREE Sample Edit

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