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Empowering Authors

Examine your final draft
to ensure your
every word is correct

Confirm your manuscript is polished
to publish and market
with confidence

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Protect your readers—and your reputation—by
eliminating critical mistakes

Every word you publish proves your expertise to your readers. They must trust you or they won’t return.

Satisfy them by ensuring your every word is correct. Publish with pride and confidence, knowing your readers can thoroughly immerse themselves in your world without tripping over bad dialogue or plot pitfalls.

Don’t cripple your career with barbaric grammar and toxic typos!

Let me help you:

  • Empower your writing

  • Strengthen your story

  • Eliminate insidious errors

  • Polish your words without changing your intent or voice

Editing and Proofreading services for
independent and self-publishing authors

Are you ready to craft your story into the best it can be?

  • I’ll teach you how to shamelessly self-edit, saving you money when it’s time to hire a professional editor

  • I’ll show you how to tighten your writing to present a thrilling page-turner

  • I’ll work with you until you publish, and together, we’ll ensure your story is clean, tight and satisfying


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The latest free goodies to make your writing easier. Help yourself to whatever you need. You'll find more on the Author Goodies page.

Self-Edit Checklist: Clichés and Idioms
Self-Edit Checklist: Vague, Weak and Unnecessary Phrases
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Self-Edit Checklist: Redundant Expressions

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"Laura has a keen eye for details... She is great at finding
the tiny inconsistencies in the narrative and
helping to tighten your text."

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